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Land House by Omas:Works

This was a great Project to shoot. Most residential assignments we shoot, consist of a one day shoot. So when Brian (architect) called and suggested we stay overnight to catch the morning light, it was hard to refuse. Most memorable moment: Sitting by the fire gazing at the night sky (while drinking beer).

From The Architect: "A year round cottage minutes from Georgian Bay in Meaford, Ontario, this house derives its form and space from the simplicity of a traditional gabled dogtrot, a typology familiar in the southern US, but less so in northern climates.  With the sleeping areas to one side of the breezeway, and the living to the other, the 16foot square opening in the centre of the house provides the Owner with an outdoor living room that keeps them intimately engaged in their environment. The house sits on the brow of a clearing adjacent to wetlands and a winding ravine."