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Two projects by Dubbeldam Design

I really enjoy working with Heather Dubbeldam. The two recent projects by her studio where a great fun to shoot. Shooting with Heather is a collaborative process where we discuss, suggest, tweak, argue, lough, compose and recompose before reaching the final shot.

Sky Garden House - This project receive an OAA design excellence award as well as the Architizer A+ popular choice award in the residential  Interiors category. 
From the architect: "Situated on a narrow lot in an older Toronto neighborhood, the Skygarden House provides outdoor living spaces on multiple levels to address the owners’ desire for a better connection to the home’s natural surroundings. The owners used to spend their weekends at their country home, located next to a stream and surrounded by trees so they wanted their new home in the city to mimic this bucolic experience in an urban environment."

Travelzoo Office - this project already received two honoree awards at Interior Design Magazine's MakeItWork awards in San Francisco.

From the Architect: "The design was inspired by travel destinations and modes but also features the dramatic cityscape of downtown Toronto. The conference and lunch-room volumes allude to modes and nodes of high-speed transport such as train stations and airports; the huddle rooms and lounge areas suggest casual destinations such as cabins, parks and beaches. Travelzoo’s brand colours, red for action and blue for tranquility, are combined with touches of bold contrasting colours to enliven the space."


The Canadian Interiors Best of Canada Design Competition is a one-of-a-kind competition that showcases interior design projects regardless of size, budget or location within Canada. Submissions from architects, interior designers as well as decorators and design students are received and divided into their respected categories (office, institutional, hospitality, residential, retail, exhibits, marketing, landscape design and product design).

Receiving “Project of the Year”, the Regent Park Aquatic Centre, designed by MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architectsprovides a facility for an isolated, disadvantaged community as part of a renewal project. This 28,000 square-foot multipurpose facility is the first facility in Canada that integrate a more “universal” community for people of all genders and religions to feel welcome.

Winner of the “Residential” category, the +House, by Superkül Inc., is  hypoallergenic and is constructed using Durisol block and cement-bonded wood-fibre to eliminate fungi and mold.


Another “Residential” winner was Drew Mandel Architects with House in the Beach. This 2,139 square-foot semi-detached home was redesigned to reinvent the exterior and interior. The design included a new entry to open up the ground floor as well as a small rear addition.

Finally, winner of the “Exhibit” award was Dubbeldam Architecture and Design for their Pop-Up Office. This pre-assembled office are joined on site to create a short-term, modern workstation and lounge spaces. Ideal for outdoor festivals or disaster relief,  shelving units allow for versatility and can create different display and storage units.


2014 is off to a great start, but we’d like to take some time and reflect on some great moments from 2013. Over 90 projects were shot and several received awards of exellence. The 13th Wood Design Awards took place back in November.  These awards recognize people and organizations that advance the use of wood through design excellence and innovation.
Three of our clients received Wood WORKS awards:
The Jury’s Choice Awards went to C.Y. Lee Architects for Local Church of the Saints.
The Institutional – Commercial Woods – Award went to Larkin Architects for Holy Spirit Church
The Architect Wood Advocate Award went to CS&P Architects.
Read more about the 2013 Wood WORKS! Awards here:

            Holy Spirit Church, Barrie, ON by  Larkin Architects

            Holy Spirit Church, Barrie, ON by Larkin Architects

Local Church of the Saints, Toronto, ON by   C.Y. Lee Architects

Local Church of the Saints, Toronto, ON by C.Y. Lee Architects

Centennial Place, Gravenhurst ON by  CS&P Architects

Centennial Place, Gravenhurst ON by CS&P Architects